Majestic Players


Beginning in 1912, Charles J. Hite, who controlled both the Thanhouser and the Majestic film companies, transferred certain players and other employees from one firm to the other. Thus, certain Thanhouser personalities are to be found from time to time in the rosters of Majestic film players, and vice-versa. As from time to time the various contemporary trade papers and popular periodicals would attribute certain Majestic players to Thanhouser, the following list is given. Names on the list which are not with an asterisk(*) were with Majestic during the 1912-1914 era, but, so far as the present author knows, were not specifically associated with Thanhouser.

When members of the Thanhouser West Coast Company left the studio in the Brooklyn Heights section of Los Angeles, on April 30, 1913, and returned to New Rochelle, several Thanhouser people stayed behind to operate the studio as a Majestic facility.

In the same year, certain Majestic employees worked in Thanhouser's New Rochelle studio from time to time, with comedian Fred Mace and director John Adolfi prominent among them. Over a period of time, the Majestic-Thanhouser differentiation has become blurred, and some Majestic veterans in later years said that they "worked for Thanhouser." Indeed, they may have worked in Thanhouser's New Rochelle studio, or they may have worked for Charles J. Hite, but they did not work for the Thanhouser Film Corporation. Others, as noted, did indeed work for both firms.

The following alphabetical listing of personalities covers those who worked for Majestic or the "New Majestic" circa late 1912 to June1914, at which latter time D.W. Griffith was the supervising director of the studio and had brought with him a number of his favorite players. After the arrival of D.W. Griffith, there was little if any interchange between Majestic and Thanhouser players. Certain of the players in the following listing were hired by Griffith in May and June 1914. The listing also includes players for Apollo, a division of Majestic.

Those who also worked at one time or another (not necessarily during the 1912-1914 years) for Thanhouser as well are designated by an asterisk (*). Unless designated otherwise, the personalities were actors or actresses.


Adolfi, John (director)

Aitken, Spottiswoode

Alden, Mary

Aoki, Miss Tsuru

Ashdown, Josephine ("Little Josie")

Bateman, Victory*

Bennett, Belle

Bennett, Theodore (child actor)

Bennett, William "Billy" (child actor)

Billington, Francelia*

Briscoe, Lottie

Brown, W.J. "Billy"

Buffalo Bill

Burky, John (screenplay writer)

Byers, Clara

Cabanne, W. Christy (director, screenplay writer)

Cameron, Cita

Carter, Harry

Cody, William F. ("Buffalo Bill")

Conklin, Chester

Cooper, Miriam

Crawford, Florence

Crisp, Donald

Crowell, Mrs.

Cummings, Richard

Davies, Howard

DeGrasse, Sam

DeGrey, Sid

Diamond, Sid

Dillon, Eddie (studio employee)

Dillon, John

Duncan, Bud

Edwards, Harry

Elmstead, Harry

Epping, J.C. (Los Angeles business manager)

Fisher, Harry

Fleming, Violet

Foote, Courtney

Fox, Earle

Garwood, William*

Gilfether, David

Gish, Dorothy

Gish, Lillian

Gray, Clifford*

Gregory, Carl Louis (cameraman; director)*

Grey, Charles

Griffith, D.W. (supervising director)

Hale, Albert W. (director)*

Hamer, Fred

Harris, Elmer (screenplay writer)*

Harron, Robert

Henderson, Lucius J. (director)*

Henkle, G.

Hill, Lee

Hite, Charles J. (executive)*

Horsey, J.H.

Hunt, Irene*

Johnstone, Lamar

Joy, Ernest

Kuhn, Rena

Lansberg, Joe

Lashus, Glen

Lawrence, Miss Effie

Lawrence, W.E.

Lewis, Ralph

Lonergan, Elizabeth (screenplay writer)

Lonergan, Lloyd (screenplay writer)*

Lonergan, Philip (screenplay writer)*

Long, W.H.

Loveridge, Marguerite*

Lowery, W.A.

Mace, Fred

MacDonald, Jack

Marsh, Mae

Martell, Della

Mitsoras, Demetrio*

Moncrief, Ed

Moore, Owen

Morrissey, Edward (director)

Nigh, William

O'Brien, John B. (director)*

Ostriche, Muriel*

Pallette, Eugene

Peters, George Washington (cameraman)

Pickford, Jack

Pyke, W.A.

Rand, John

Roberts, Florence

Rogers, Charles E.

Roubert, Mat

Sampson, Teddy

Seigmann, George

Seixas, Claude (assistant director)*

Sigismund, George

Sisson, Vera

Smith, Russell (screenplay writer)

Stafford, Billy

Stafford, Eddie

Stone, Elizabeth

Sweet, Blanche

Swickard, Joseph E.*

Tincher, Fay

Turner, F.A.

Van Trump, Jessalyn

Vincent, Florence

Von Harder, Al

Vroom, Frederick*

Walthall, H.B.

Ward, Carrie Clark

West, Billie

White, Metta

Wilson, Edna Mae

Woods, Frank E. (screenplay writer)

Yomamoto, K.

Younge, Lucille*


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