Volume III: Biographies


VAN DEUSEN, Cortlandt J. *

Actor (date?)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Cortlandt J. Van Deusen was an actor with Thanhouser at one time, according to a listing in the 1917 Motion Picture News Studio Directory.

Biographical Notes: Cortlandt J. Van Deusen was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 12, 1890 and was educated at the Polytechnic College. His early career was as a stockbroker, after which he went on the stage with Shubert and the Crescent Stock Company. In motion pictures he worked with Kalem, Utah Motion Picture Company (Jasper Smith; One Hundred Years of Mormonism), Kinemacolor, Thanhouser, Biograph, and Vitagraph. In directories published in the late teens Van Deusen was listed as a director. In 1917 he was with Vitagraph in Brooklyn, New York. In 1921 he was with the Apex Film Company, and his address was 514 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

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