Volume III: Biographies


WILLIAMS, George A. *

Actor (date?)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: George A. Williams was an actor with Thanhouser at one time, according to the 1918 Motion Picture Studio Directory.

Biographical Notes: George A. Williams was born in Kinnikinnick, Wisconsin on August 11, 1854 and was educated in River Falls in the same state. He was on the stage for over 40 years. In films he worked with Edison, Thanhouser, Selig, Universal (The Dumb Girl of Portici), and Kalem (The Hazards of Helen serial, The Express Car Mystery, The Stolen Rembrandt, and others). The 1917 edition of the Motion Picture News Studio Directory noted that he was 5'10" tall, weighed 200 pounds, and had a fair complexion, gray hair, and blue eyes. At the time his home address was 422 South Louise Street, Glendale, California. George A. Williams remained in films through the 1920s. He died in Hollywood, California on February 21, 1936. He was survived by his wife, Florence; a son, Clinton; and a daughter, Maude.

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