Volume III: Biographies


WHEELER, William B. *

Cameo appearence (1912)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: In 1912 William Wheeler appeared in a Thanhouser film.

Biographical Notes: William Wheeler, superintendent of the Westchester Electric Railway Company, acted in a cameo role in a 1912 Thanhouser film. He was not a regular actor. For 34 years he was a resident of New Rochelle, where he was active in public affairs, including a 12-year stint as fire commissioner. In June 1940 he retired as superintendent of transportation for the Third Avenue Railway System in New York City, and on September 6, 1941 he died at St. Vincent's Hospital. An obituary notice in The New York Times, September 7, 1941, stated that his age was 67, theat he had been born in Brooklyn, and at the time of his death his residence was 4152 East 177th Street, Bronx, New York. He was survived by his widow, the former Elizabeth Jackson; and two sons, William W. and Walter F. Wheeler.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1912: Conductor 786 (8-23-1912)

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