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Actor (1913)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Robert Broderick played the role of King René in King René's Daughter.

Biographical Notes: Robert Broderick was a well-known figure in light opera for many years and was seen with such luminaries as Francis Wilson, Thomas Jefferson, and Virginia Harned. According to a biographical sketch in The Moving Picture World, December 9, 1914, his advent into pictures occurred on the West Coast with the Kinemacolor Company, for whom he wrote and acted in Jack the Giant Killer. From there he went to Kalem's California branch, then to Kalem on the East Coast, then to the Famous Players Company. The article did not mention his involvement with Thanhouser, which was for a brief time early in 1913, when he played the title role in King René's Daughter.

When director J. Searle Dawley left Famous Players in 1914 to form his own firm, the Dyreda Art Film Company, Broderick followed and became a leading man. For Dyreda his first two films were One of Millions and In the Name of the Prince of Peace.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1913: King René's Daughter (7-1-1913)

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