Volume III: Biographies


WALLACE, Dorothy *

Actress (1915)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Dorothy Wallace appeared in the role of a young girl in a Thanhouser film in 1915.

Biographical Notes: Several actresses named Dorothy Wallace are mentioned in trade and newspaper articles early in the 20th century, however, none seems to be the child actress in question:

1. Dorothy Wallace was in Europe in 1914 when the World War broke out. She later came to New York City to study art, and lived in Greenwich Village. Soon after her arrival, she was selected from 600 applicants to be a poster model for James Montgomery Flagg.

2. Dorothy Wallace, proprietor of a millinery shop in San Francisco, came to New York City at the age of 22 to appear in the "Beauty Scene" of the Ziegfeld Follies at the Moulin Rouge. Even though this new chorus girl position paid but $25 per week, it was stated that she turned over her $25,000 per year business in San Francisco to her sister, Eleanor.

3. Dorothy Wallace, an actress, who appeared to be about 20 years of age, was pictured in a trade article on October 27, 1912.

4. Dorothy Wallace was featured in an article in The New York Mail, March 11, 1920, which noted that she had just appeared on the stage for the first time, in The Magic Melody. A New York girl, Miss Wallace long desired to go on the stage, but family obligations had precluded the possibility earlier. She was described as young, ambitious, good looking, a willing worker, and a devotee of canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and mountain climbing.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1915: The Reformation of Peter and Paul (4-23-1915)

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