Volume III: Biographies


WOOD, Frank *

Actor (1914-1915)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Frank Wood appeared in Thanhouser films in 1914 and 1915.

Biographical Notes: The New Rochelle Pioneer, October 17, 1914, carried this notice: "Frank Wood, of England, who came to the studio to succeed Irving Cummings, is doing fine work and is fast making friends. He has been here but a short time but is talking of taking out naturalization papers very soon."

Notes: His surname was sometimes misspelled as "Woods." The Thanhouser actor is not to be confused with the following: 1. Frank E. Woods (1860-1939) for a number of years wrote "The Spectator" column for The New York Dramatic Mirror while holding down a job as head of American Biograph's scenario department. He subsequently resigned in 1913 to take charge of the Mutual Film Corporation's script department in 1913, where he was also situated in 1914. Most of his time was spent on the West Coast. 2. Frank J. Woods was a stage actor who appeared in Polly of the Circus in a traveling company in 1912 and at the Thirty Ninth Street Theatre, New York City, in Three of Hearts, in June 1915.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1914: The Turning of the Road (11-3-1914), Keeping a Husband (11-8-1914), The Man With the Hoe (11-15-1914), Pawns of Fate (11-17-1914), A Messenger of Gladness (11-22-1914), The Center of the Web (12-1-1914), In the Conservatory (Princess 12-11-1914), Under False Colors (12-22-1914)

1915: When Fate Rebelled (Princess 1-1-1915), The Master's Model (3-16-1915)

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