Volume III: Biographies


WORSLEY, Wallace, Jr. *

Actor (c.1911)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Wallace Worsley, Jr., an infant, appeared in a Thanhouser film, circa 1911.

Biographical Notes: Wallace Worsley, Jr., born in 1908, is the son of actress Julia M. Taylor (who appeared in Thanhouser films) and director Wallace Worsley. He appeared in a bit part in a Thanhouser film, title unknown, when he was about two and one-half years old. He was on the Thanhouser premises when a child was needed, and played a part in which he ran around a table.

"As to my name, I used Wallace Worsley, Jr. until Dad passed on in 1944 [March 26]. I have not used the junior since," Mr. Worsley noted in a communication to the author in 1987.

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