Volume III: Biographies


WALLACH, Dr. William I.

Temporary studio employee (1915)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Dr. William I. Wallach was hired on a temporary basis by Edwin Thanhouser to be on hand for medical emergencies in May 1915 during the filming of The Patriot and the Spy, while battle scenes were photographed over a period of four days on Glen Island in New Rochelle.

Biographical Notes: Dr. William I. Wallach, a physician, was located at 310 Huguenot in New Rochelle in 1915, according to a listing in the New Rochelle Directory that year. A graduate of Cornell Medical School, Wallach was one of the founders of Phi Delta Epsilon, the medical fraternity. He served as a physician in New Rochelle for about 30 years, during which time he was surgeon to the Police Department in addition to his other medical duties. He was active in many civic and medical organizations. Dr. Wallach died from a heart ailment on December 30, 1937 at his home at 141 Center Street, New Rochelle. Following services the next day at Temple Israel he was interred in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. He was survived by his widow, Mrs. Ann Wallach; two children: Edith and Robert Wallach, of New Rochelle; and a brother, Benjamin Wallach, of Jackson Heights, Long Island, New York. His obituary appeared in the New Rochelle Standard-Star, December 31, 1937.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1915: The Patriot and the Spy (6-7-1915)

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