Volume III: Biographies


WEYMAN, Bruce *

Actor (1914-1915)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Bruce Weyman worked part-time for Thanhouser during the 1914-1915 period and acted in many films.

Biographical Notes: Bruce Weyman, born in Rochester, New York, was a baritone opera singer by profession, having studied in France for three years under the tutelage of DeReske. He was a soloist for a year and a half for the Strand Theatre in New York City and also appeared with the Metropolitan Opera. In addition, he made numerous tours with various road companies. In the summer of 1913 he enlisted in the First Reserve Aero Squadron in Mineola, New York. Bruce Weyman worked on a part-time basis at the Thanhouser studio in New Rochelle and was seen in small parts in many films.

The New Rochelle Pioneer, November 7, 1914, printed this paragraph: "Bruce Weyman, the Thanhouser actor with the wonderful voice, is especially pleasing as a headliner, has been entertaining capacity houses at Loew's Theatre the last half of this week. Mr. Weyman sings a variety of new and old songs, which puts him in a class by himself, and he is required to respond to several encores...."

The New Rochelle Pioneer, September 4, 1915, reported: Bruce Weyman, that great boy with the wonderful voice, ...appeared as 'atmosphere' in [the Metro film] The Second in Command, and although he was on the screen but a minute, those in New Rochelle who knew him were glad to give him the once-over."

The New Rochelle Pioneer, November 25, 1916, carried this paragraph: "Bruce Weyman, formerly a star of the local forces, and who has since been identified with James Cruze, is playing the leading role in a patriotic vaudeville skit entitled America First, which is appearing at all of the big-time houses. Mr. Weyman is baritone and heads a company of ten in a Lee Lash setting." (Lee Lash was a New York maker of scenic backdrops and effects.)

Note: His surname also appeared erroneously as "Wiaman" in official publicity and "Wyman" in certain other notices.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1914: The Face at the Window (Princess 10-23-1914), The Dead Line (Princess 10-30-1914)

1915: The Song of the Heart (5-11-1915), The Heart of the Princess Marsari (5-18-1915)

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