Volume III: Biographies


WILLIAMS, Hattie *

Actress (1915)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Hattie Williams appeared in Thanhouser films in 1915.

Biographical Notes: Hattie Williams was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 17, 1870. She followed a stage career from the year 1871, when she was seen in Boston in the chorus of 1492, later playing the role of the Infanta Catalina in the same show after it moved to the Garden Theatre in New York City. Afterward, at the same theatre, she was seen in Trilby. She next appeared in Hoyt's farces for several years, after which she gained the lead role in The Girl From Maxim's, followed by a tour in The Rogers Brothers in Harvard. Later, she was seen in New York City in Vivian's Papas at the Herald Square Theatre and at the Knickerbocker Theatre in The Girl From Kay's. During the same era she acted in The Rollicking Girl and The Little Cherub.

In 1908 Hattie Williams was a sensation in the lead role in Fluffy Ruffles at the Criterion Theatre in the same city and on the road the following year. In New York and London in 1910 she was seen in Decorating Clementine. In 1912 she had a part in Sir James Barrie's vaudeville sketch, A Slice of Life, in which she was also seen two years later during the 1914-1915 season. During the 1913-1914 season Miss Williams appeared in The Doll Girl. In 1915 she announced her retirement from the stage. Hattie Williams joined Thanhouser in New Rochelle in 1915 and was seen in a Falstaff film. Her death occurred on August 17, 1942, at her home at 6129 Fieldstone Road, Bronx, New York. She was survived by a brother, Joseph Williams, who lived at the same address.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1915: Glorianna's Getaway (Falstaff 8-23-1915)

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