Volume II: Filmography



Across the Way (Princess) (February 12, 1915)

Actor and the Bumpkin, The (British release title for The Actor and the Rube)(Falstaff) (released in the United States April 16, 1915)

Actor and the Rube, The (British release title: The Actor and the Bumpkin) (Falstaff)(April 16, 1915)

Actor's Children, The (March 15, 1910)

Adrift (February 3, 1911)

Adrift in a Great City (January 13, 1914)

Adventure of Florence, The (February 23, 1915)

Adventures of a Diplomatic Free Lance Series, The. Includes: A Leak in the Foreign Office (February 17, 1914), The Cat's Paw (March 17, 1914), A Debut In the Secret Service (April 7, 1914), A Mohammedan Conspiracy (May 12, 1914)

Adventures of a Good Fellow, THE (working title for: Good Fellowship) (November 23, 1914)

Adventures of Cousin Algy, The (British release title for Their Cousin From England) (released in the United States March 22, 1914)

Advertisementers (working title: Running Rival Restaurants) (Falstaff) (June 5, 1916)

After Fifty Years (British release title for Fifty Years After Appomattox) (released in the United States July 4, 1915)

Agent From Russia, An (a.k.a. The Secret Agent From Russia) (Episode 13 of The Million Dollar Mystery) (September 14, 1914)

Airship in the Night, The (a.k.a. A Call in the Night) (Episode 1 of The Million Dollar Mystery) (June 22, 1914)

Alaska's Adieu to Winter (British release date: October 10, 1910; no record has been located of this film having been released in the United States)

Algy's Alibi (May 24, 1914)

Algy's Awful Auto (Princess) (October 31, 1913)

All Aboard (November 28, 1915)

All's Well That Ends Well (Princess) (February 20, 1914)

Amateur Animal Trainer, An (December 30, 1913)

Amateur Detective, The (December 6, 1914)

Amateur Orphan, An (June 3, 1917)

Ambition (British release title: The Girl and the Crook) (December 21, 1915)

Ambitious Awkward Andy (Falstaff) (March 9, 1916)

American and the Queen, The (November 11, 1910)

American in the Making, An (April 22, 1913)

And He Never Knew (Princess) (March 5, 1915)

Angel in the Mask, The (British release title: The Quiet Little Angel) (May 30, 1915)

Anniversary of the Huguenot Landing (a.k.a. The Two Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Landing of the Huguenots at New Rochelle; British release title: Landing of the Huguenots) (August 3, 1913)

Another Trap Set (a.k.a. The Borrowed Hydroplane) (Episode 15 of The Million Dollar Mystery) (September 28, 1914)

Answer, The (May 16, 1916)

Arabella's Prince (October 6, 1916)

Arab's Bride, The (March 1, 1912)

Arm of the Law, The (British release title for In the Name of the Law) (released in the United States on January 11, 1916)

Arty the Artist (August 30, 1914)

As It Was in the Beginning (working title: Her Master) (January 30, 1912)

As Others See Us (August 18, 1912)

Assisted Elopement, An (August 30, 1910)

At Liberty - Good Press Agent (December 8, 1912)

At the Bottom of the Ocean (a.k.a. The Terrors of the Deep) (Williamson Submarine Film Co.) (July 22, 1914)

At the Bottom of the Sea (a.k.a. The Problem of the Sealed Box) (Episode 5 of The Million Dollar Mystery) (July 20, 1914)

At the Edge of the Aqueduct (October 13, 1916)

At the Foot of the Ladder (September 22, 1912)

At the Patrician Club (October 24, 1915)

Aunt Nancy Telegraphs (produced in December 1909 but never released; listed in the Filmography as the first entry under 1910)

Aurora Floyd (December 10, 1912)

Austin Flood (released circa October 6, 1911 and listed in the Filmography under this date)

Avenged (October 7, 1910)


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