Volume II: Filmography



Kate o' the Kitchen (working title for Pots and Pans Peggie) (March 18, 1917)

Kathleen, the Irish Rose (March 10, 1914)

Keeper of the Light, The (Princess) (August 28, 1914)

Keeping a Husband (November 8, 1914)

Kiddies' Kaptain Kidd, The (Falstaff) (May 8, 1916)

Kidnapped, or the Mystery of the Missing Heiress (a.k.a. The Missing Heir) (Episode 9 of Zudora, now retitled Zudora in The Twenty Million Dollar Mystery) (January 18, 1915)

King Lear (December 17, 1916)

King René's Daughter (working title: Iolanthe) (July 1, 1913)

Knotted Cord, The (February 2, 1916)


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