Volume II: Filmography



Zudora (Serial in 20 episodes): Episode 1: The Mystic Message of the Spotted Collar (a.k.a. The Mystery of the Spotted Collar) (November 23, 1914); Episode 2: The Mystery of the Sleeping House (a.k.a. The Sleeping House Mystery; working titles: The Frozen Laugh; The Mystery of the Frozen Laugh) (November 30, 1914); Episode 3: The Mystery of the Dutch Cheese Maker (a.k.a. The Mystery of the Cheese Maker) (December 7, 1914); Episode 4: The Secret of the Haunted Hills (a.k.a. The Mystery of the Haunted Hills) (December 14, 1914); Episode 5: The Case of the Perpetual Glare (a.k.a. The Mystery of the Perpetual Glare) (December 21, 1914); Episode 6: The Case of the McWinter Family (December 28, 1914); Episode 7: The Mystery of the Lost Ships (a.k.a. The Phantom of the Future) (January 4, 1915); Episode 8: The Foiled Elopement, or the Mystery of the Chang Case (a.k.a. The Hypnotic Power of Mr. Chang) (January 11, 1915); Episode 9: Kidnapped, or the Mystery of the Missing Heiress (a.k.a. The Missing Heir) (January 18, 1915); Episode 10: The Gentlemen Crooks and the Lady (January 25, 1915); Episode 11: A Message From the Heart (February 1, 1915); Episode 12: A Bag of Diamonds (February 8, 1915); Episode 13: The Secret of Dr. Munn's Sanatorium (a.k.a. A Raid on the Madhouse) (February 15, 1915); Episode 14: The Missing Million (February 22, 1915); Episode 15: The Robbery of the Ruby Coronet (a.k.a. The Ruby Coronet) (March 1, 1915); Episode 16: The Battle of the Bridge (March 8, 1915); Episode 17: The Island of Mystery (March 15, 1915); Episode 18: The Cipher Code (March 22, 1915); Episode 19: The Prisoner in the House (a.k.a. The Prisoner in the Pilot House) (March 29, 1915); Episode 20: The Richest Woman in the World (April 5, 1915)

Zudora in The Twenty Million Dollar Mystery (alternate name for the serial Zudora, to which refer)

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