Volume I: Narrative History


Chapter 8: 1915 Films From the Backlog

In the meantime the Thanhouser Film Corporation continued to release films started or completed before Edwin Thanhouser's return in early March. The Schemers, a Princess picture, was issued on April 2, 1915, followed by The Life Worth While, with the Thanhouser Twins, on the 4th, and The Cycle of Hatred in two reels on the 6th. The last film, with Helen Badgley and Florence LaBadie, was described by The Moving Picture World as "an offering of about average merit." Just Kids, released on the 9th, was the last of the Princess films. By this time the Friday night one-reelers were drawing big yawns from audiences.

The New Rochelle Pioneer, April 10, 1915, told of filming at the studio: "Thanhouser films recently made a great scoop that will soon be shown on the screen. Through collaboration with Gimbels in New York, several of the prettiest models were at the studio being filmed for photoplay purposes, and the array of new spring and summer styles were stunning and startling."

A Double Exposure, issued on the 11th, featured Arthur Ashley as the hero and was reviewed favorably by The Moving Picture World. On the 13th came The Moment of Sacrifice, a two-reeler featuring several second-string Thanhouser players, including Arthur Bauer, Fan Bourke, the much-acclaimed but soon to leave Arthur Ashley, Peggy Bourke, and Morgan Jones.


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