Volume III: Biographies



OAKLAND, Ethelmary (actress; 1916)*

OBER, George (actor; 1912)*

OBRIEN, A.E. (actor or actress; 1914-1915)*

OBRIEN, Geraldine (actress; 1915)*

OBRIEN, John B. (director; 1916-1917)

OBRIEN, John J. (cameo appearance; 1913)*

OBRIEN, Thomas (actor; 1914)*

OCONNOR, Adeline (actress; 1915)*

OLD BESS (fire department horse; 1912)*

OLDRING, Rube (cameo appearance, film subject; 1911, 1913)*

ONEIL, Barry (director; 1909-1911)

ONEILL, Frank (actor; 1911-1912)*

OSBORNE, George C. (studio employee; 1914-1915)

OSBORNE, William (studio employee; 1915)

OSCAR AND CONRAD COMPANY (Thanhouser comedy team of Claude Cooper and Frank E. McNish) (actors; 1916-1917)*

OSGOOD, Anna (actress; 1916-1917)*

OSTRICHE, Muriel (actress; 1913-1915)***

OWENS, Charles (studio employee; 1915-1916)

OYEN, Henry (scenario writer; 1914)

OZMUN, Nat (studio employee; 1913)


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