Thanhouser Films: An Encyclopedia and History
by Q. David Bowers

Thanhouser Films: An Encyclopedia and History is the most complete study ever done of an early American motion picture company and is now available ONLINE at no charge.



Produced with the cooperation and support from the Library of Congress, this website includes a narrative history of the company from 1909 to 1918, augmented by hundreds of reviews, biographies, photographs, magazine advertisements, illustrations and film clips from the activities of the Thanhouser film enterprise.

Collected from public archives, private collections, family photo albums, and trade publications of the day, this extensive compilation of materials provides a new and unique perspective of Thanhouser as one of the pioneers in the early film industry. The text was researched and written by noted historian Q. David Bowers, with a foreword by film historian Anthony Slide. Developed with modern computer technology, this easy-to-use research tool sets a new standard for its depth of content of an American motion picture studio from the silent era, and is intended for use by film scholars, researchers, and cinephiles

“Point and click” web-based user interface Intuitive navigation, easy to use
Powerful full-text search capabilities Instant access to over 3,000 topics
Keyword index command Pre-defined indexes for Narrative History,
    Filmography and Biographies
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