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Treasures from the EYE Filmmuseum

This two-DVD set includes films and documents produced from 1910 to 1917 by Thanhouser, the pioneering American silent motion picture studio, held by the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


DVD #1 includes five films and 11 posters from the Desmet Collection, part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. This disc also includes a private video tour of the EYE silent film archive with curator Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi.


DVD #2 contains five more Thanhouser films held by EYE, including Cinderalla (1911) with an optional commentary track by University of York Professor Judith Buchanan, the recently restored comedy Clarence Cheats at Croquet (1915), and the feature film A Modern Monte Cristo (1917), an updated rendition of the classic 1844 adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas. 


New and original music composed and performed by Ray Brubacher (The Vicar of Wakefield, Just a Shabby Doll), Andy Crow (The Coffin Ship), Ben Model (Her Nephews from Labrador, The Spoiled Darling's Doll, and all films on DVD#2).


This two disc collection was produced by Thanhouser Company Film Preservation, Inc. in collaboration with the EYE Filmmuseum and is available now for $19.95 (USD) plus shipping.


DVD #1

1. The Vicar of Wakefield (1910)

2. The Coffin Ship (1911)

3. Her Nephews from Labrador (1913)

4. Just a Shabby Doll (1913)

5. The Spoiled Darling’s Doll (1913)

6. BONUS: EYE Archive Tour (2014)


DVD #2

1. Silas Marner (1911)

2. An Elevator Romance (1911)

3. Cinderella (1911) with commentary by Judith Buchanan

4. Clarence Cheats at Croquet (1915)

5. A Modern Monte Cristo (1917)

6. BONUS: Cruze/Snow Wedding & Birth of Daughter Julie (1913)


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$19.95 (US) plus shipping

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