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This DVD contains 11 new HD transfers of silent era films produced by the pioneering Thanhouser Studio based in New Rochelle, NY held by the Library of Congress. New and original music is composed and performed exclusively for this collection by Ben Model for 10 of the films with Robert Israel for one title. Included with this collection is a 12 page booklet with film notes, synopses, and cast listings for all films.

Presented here for the first time in over 100 years are films repatriated from international collections, including the New Zealand Film Archive, the EYE Filmmuseum, the British Film Institute, USA museums and historical societies, and from private collectors.


The highlight of this anthology is the two-reel film The Picture of Dorian Gray released by Thanhouser in 1915 based on Oscar Wilde’s sensational novel. Professors Judith Buchanan and James Williams of the University of York narrate an optional commentary track that provides unique insight into the life of Oscar Wilde and the studio’s interpretation of this classic philosophical novel.



Titles on This DVD

1. Not Guilty (1910)

2. Oh, What a Knight! (1910)

3. The Only Girl in Camp (1911)

4. A Circus Stowaway (1911)

5. When a Count Counted (1912)

6. Little Brother (1913)

7. The Tell-Tale Scar (1914)

8. The Picture of Dorian Gray (1915)

9. When Hungry Hamlet Fled (1915)

10. Down on the Phoney Farm (1915)

11. The Mistake of Mammy Lou (1915)

Special Features:

1. Tour of the Library of  Congress Nitrate Vaults (2009)

2. Trailer: The Thanhouser Studio and the Birth of American Cinema (2015)


Download the booklet text with the descriptions and synopses for all the films on this DVD.

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