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Zudora - Lyrics
By J.R. Shannon, 1914
Described as the Famous Song, it was composed for 
Thanhouser's Greatest Photoplay and dedicated to 
Marguerite Snow who was cast as the 
“Mystic Girl, Detective Zudora.”
In the mystic realm of a Photoplay,
There's a maid who stole my heart away
With sentimental, Oriental ways I idolize.
On the screen I see her once each week
And tho' I've never heard her speak
She won me with her hypnotizing tantalizing eyes.
Zudora, hear me, do!
If you but knew how I love you.
Sometimes I fear you when I am near you,
Then want to cheer you when you feel blue;
And when the film is through,
The whole night long I dream of you.
And ev'ry time dear, I have a dime, dear,
I spend it for a glimpse of Zudora,
Zudora, just of you.
In your spooky land where spirits sway,
Where the "blue Imps" plot and fairies play;
Come, tell me by the stars,
What is my lonely lot to be?
For when as Zudora you are no more,
When the story ends and the play is o'er,
In what form will Thanhouser send you back again to me.
**Repeat Chorus** 

Marguerite Snow as Zudora

The Moving Picture World
Feb. 13, 1915

Zudora Episode 10
The Gentlemen Crooks and the Lady

* Music used with permission from Eric Bernhoft from the CD Let's Go In To A Picture Show: Silent Cinema Recordings 1907-1922 (2006). Music and lyrics: J.R. Shannon. Copyright © 2 Dec. 1914. Victor 17734 (B-15650-2) 2 Feb. 1915, performed by Gary McDonough. 3:22. Written for the Thanhouser serial Zudora (Nov. 1914 thru April 1915).

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