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Actor (1915-1916)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Bert Delaney was an actor with Thanhouser in 1915 and 1916.

Biographical Notes: Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 16, 1891, Bert Delaney was educated at Notre Dame. Early in his career he served as private secretary to the president of the Canada Land Company in Minneapolis. Later in his career he was on the stage and appeared with Lewis Waller in Henry the Fifth, The Five Frankfurters, and other plays. In vaudeville he appeared with Helen Lowell in At Bay and other productions.

Delaney began his screen career with Edison, later going to Vitagraph, and then to Thanhouser by early 1915, where at first he worked on an occasional basis as an extra. In July 1915 he was signed as a member of the Thanhouser stock company, in which position he remained at least through 1916. In the spring of 1916 he worked in comedy and other films at Thanhouser's Jacksonville studio.

The Florida Metropolis, May 24, 1916, printed this item: "Friends and acquaintances of Bert Delaney, who was formerly connected with the Thanhouser Company in this city, will be glad to know of his joining the ranks of the Jesse Lasky Company of players on the West Coast. Bert was always destined to realize the highest pinnacle in the movie world, and we hope his ideals will soon be realized."

A 1917 directory listing noted that he was 5'10" tall and had a dark complexion and dark eyes. At the time his address was care of the Screen Club, New York City.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1915: The Undertow (4-20-1915), Getting the Gardener's Goat (Falstaff 7-30-1915), A Message Through Flames (8-10-1915), The Dead Man's Keys (9-21-1915), The Road to Fame (9-28-1915), The Scoop at Bellville (10-12-1915), "Clarissa's" Charming Calf (Falstaff 11-4-1915), Mr. Meeson's Will (11-6-1915), Inspiration (11-18-1915), His Vocation (12-7-1915), His Majesty, the King (12-18-1915)

1916: Belinda's Bridal Breakfast (Falstaff 1-10-1916), Grace's Gorgeous Gowns (Falstaff 1-18-1916), Lucky Larry's Lady Love (Falstaff 1-25-1916), The Knotted Cord (2-2-1916), What Doris Did (3-1-1916), The Net (4-1-1916), The Carriage of Death (4-29-1916), Peterson's Pitiful Plight (Falstaff 6-3-1916), The Window of Dreams (6-15-1916)

1918: The Perfect Model (Arrow Film Corporation reissue of the November 18, 1915 Thanhouser film, Inspiration. 10-21-1918)

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