Volume III: Biographies


FOSTER, Flora *

Actress (1911-1913)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: A member of the Thanhouser stock company in 1911, Flora Foster played the part of David Copperfield in The Early Life of David Copperfield. She was with the Thanhouser studio through at least early 1913.

Biographical Notes: Flora Foster was born in Boston. Later, her father, C. Foster, was proprietor of the Lexington Theatre in Chicago. Under the name of "Billy Foster," she was with Biograph for five years. She and her sister Edna (who was born in 1900) were known as The Biograph Kids. Flora Foster died of heart failure at the age of 16, on September 16, 1914, at her fathers home in Chicago.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1911: The Early Life of David Copperfield (10-17-1911)

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