Volume III: Biographies


FOSHAY, Evelyn *

Actress (1913-1915)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Evelyn Foshay was seen in Thanhouser films during the 1913-1915 period.

Biographical Notes: On May 23, 1914, at a ceremony at the Thanhouser studio in New Rochelle, Miss Foshay married Thanhouser actor Sidney Bracy. In connection with the event, The New Rochelle Pioneer, June 13, 1914, said she was "well known at the Thanhouser Film Corporation studio," although by that time she was not mentioned in outside publicity. Apparently she played minor roles.

A 1914 Sketch: The New Rochelle Pioneer, November 28, 1914, printed this sketch by John William Kellette: "Evelyn Foshay (who in private life is Mrs. Sidney Bracy) has just completed work in Craft versus Love [sic], a Lloyd F. Lonergan script, in which she supported her talented husband and Florence LaBadie. She brings to the screen youth, beauty and experience, because she has had two seasons with Kinemacolor and Biograph, and before that was in stock engagements with such a prominent light as Nat Goodwin.

"Miss Foshay was born in Los Angeles and was educated there, graduating from Prof. Dobbinsons school for girls when 16. Her first stage experience was with The Bohemian Girl, when she was between three and four years of age. She relates that after she had her cheeks rouged and her little pink puff dress starched up so that her head was almost hidden she then and there determined that shed follow the stage and hitch her 'wagon to a star. Early impressions are often the most lasting. Miss Foshay accomplished both ambitions.

"She was in stock in Los Angeles and in San Francisco, and it was while playing the ingenue part in The Captain, Nat Goodwins farce, en tour, that she met Mr. Bracy. In her determination to follow the stage she claims even to have tried tightrope walking as a child, her arena being no tented top, but the rear yards around Los Angeles, with clotheslines for tightropes, and clothesprops for balancing poles. She refused to relate how many times she escaped death in these performances, but something of like nature must have cured her of the hankering for circus life, because she quit hoydenish traits before she graduated from Prof. Dobbinsons school.

"Miss Foshay is a brunette of pleasing appearance, eyes dark, and her hair in sunlight throws glints of chestnut rays that leave a lasting impression. When Charles Felton Pidgeons remarkable story of New England life was filmed by Crystal, Miss Foshay was cast for a part in the eight-reeler, and did exceptional work. She was almost a year with Kinemacolor, and believes that David Miles is the greatest director in the world. Her accomplishments are many - her embroidering (and she is always busy with it) is an art; she sings and is an expert dancer. Her apartments at 74 Main Street are homelike and cozy, and she possesses that rare gift, so latent in these days, a home-builder. New Rochelle people will welcome her to the screen, and her countless friends throughout the world will be pleased to see her return."

Note: Her surname sometimes appeared in print as "Forshay." On at least one occasion The New Rochelle Pioneer spelled it as "Foshia."

Thanhouser Filmography:

1915: Graft vs. Love (1-19-1915), In the Jury Room (2-2-1915)

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