Volume III: Biographies


CARR, May *

Actress (1912)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: May Carr played a character role as a fat lady in a Thanhouser film in 1912.

Note: The Thanhouser actress is not to be confused with a different May Carr, actually Maybeth Carr, who was born circa 1913, was one of the children of actress Mary Carr, and in 1920 was seen in a child's role in Over the Hill to the Poorhouse. In 1917 the family of this other Mary Carr owned a 2,500 acre ranch near Fossil, Oregon. Among Broadway and other stage engagements Mary Carr found time to raise hogs, chickens, and other livestock there.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1912: The Star of the Side Show (4-2-1912)

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