Volume III: Biographies


FORDE, Hal *

Actor (1916)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Together with Edward Earle, Charles E. Kimball, and Cissy Fitzgerald, all of whom were players with other companies, Hal Forde was brought by automobile to New Rochelle one day early in 1916 to play a cameo part in What Doris Did, part of which re-enacted the 1915 Boston Exhibitors Ball, at which Doris Grey won a chance at an acting career.

Biographical Notes: Hal Forde was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1877. He followed a career on stage, making his American debut with Kitty Gordon in The Enchantress. Forde also appeared in various films, including Mayblossom (1912), Maker of Dreams (Kalem, 1915), The Great White Way (1924), and the serial, On Guard (1927). He was 510" tall, weighed 165 pounds, and had light brown hair and blue eyes. In the 1930s he was in musical comedies on Broadway. He died at the Edwin Forrest Home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1955.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1916: What Doris Did (3-1-1916)

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