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Actor (1914)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: In 1914 Vic Forsythe appeared in a Thanhouser film.

Biographical Notes: Victor Clyde Forsythe, born in 1886, by profession was a cartoonist and painter. His cartoon series featured Axel and Flooey, mythical characters who became well known in their time. The following article, "A Cartoonist Gets Inspiration," appeared in The New York Dramatic Mirror, April 22, 1914: "Forsythe, of the New York Evening World, whose Axel series of comic cartoons have been running in that newspaper for many years, is said to use the Thanhouser studio, New Rochelle, for 'atmosphere. At any rate, newspaper readers have found in the Axel pictures mention of Peggy Snow (the studio name for Miss Marguerite Snow), Jim Cruze, Muriel (Miss Ostriche), Berts racing car (Bert Adlers), and Fan Bourke (the Thanhouser comedienne), while a moving picture cameraman who has all sorts of fights with Axel is labeled George, after George Webber, a Thanhouser photographer, it is claimed."

Vic Forsythe was a friend of many Thanhouser studio employees and was a frequent attendee at functions at the New Rochelle lodge of the B.P.O. Elks. Reel Life, issue of May 1, 1915, featured several pictures of Forsythe at the Majestic-Komic studios, where he appeared in the film, Flooey and Axel. Victor Clyde Forsythe died in Pasadena, California on May 24, 1962.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1914: Arty the Artist (8-30-1914)

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