Volume III: Biographies


AKBERTU, Viola ** .

Actress (1911-1912)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Viola Alberti played important parts in many Thanhouser films during 1911-1912.

Biographical Notes: Born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania in 1874, Viola Alberti was educated in public schools in San Francisco. In her adult life she followed a stage career for five years, retiring after her marriage in 1896. Her screen career may have commenced with Thanhouser, where she was in 1911 and 1912. In autumn 1912 she was with Gem (The Woman in White). The Moving Picture Story Magazine, May 1913, stated that Viola Alberti was a teacher of drama and pantomime. Later, she went to Selig, where in 1915 she wrote the scenarios for and played in When Love Was Mocked, The Eternal Feminine, and other productions. The Studio Directory of Motion Picture News, 1916 (January 29, 1916) noted that she was "now at liberty."

Note: Her surname was misspelled as "Alberta" in some notices, and her first name appeared as "Ida" in at least one news article.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1911: The Early Life of David Copperfield (10-17-1911), She (12-26-1911)

1912: On Probation (2-2-1912), The Taming of Mary (3-22-1912), Into the Desert (4-19-1912), Miss Arabella Snaith (5-3-1912), Why Tom Signed the Pledge (6-14-1912)

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