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Actor (1916)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: H.G. Fergus appeared in the 1916 Thanhouser release of Willing Wendy to Willie.

Biographical Notes: H.G. Fergus worked with Thanhouser circa 1916. Around this time his mailing address was Box 404, New Rochelle, New York. For a time he wrote a column, "My Point o View" for The New Rochelle Pioneer. Dressed in an Uncle Sam costume, he aided in the War Savings Stamp Drive during World War I.

His letter to Lou Mason, stage director of the Belasco Theatre, New York City, dated August 30, 1918, is preserved in the Robinson Locke Collection and reads:

"My Dear Mr. Mason -

"To express ones self in a letter to a stranger is difficult when one wishes to portray a desire to seek employment. These facts in cold type - do not qualify - They merely outline - Age 46. Ht. 511 1-4". Wt. 160. Dance - Sing - Fence - Character Actor (prefer comedy). Name - H.G. Fergus. P.O. Address, Box 404, New Rochelle, N.Y. Phone 333 New Rochelle (Loews Theatre). Experience - 250 parts of all kinds in everything - Dialects - poor - (except Irish) - Study - good.

"Yours very truly. H.G. Fergus."

Note: The New Rochelle Pioneer, April 22, 1916, listed a Frank Fergus as among the Thanhouser employees involved in a minstrel show. It is believed that H.G. Fergus was intended. The same article included numerous other incorrect names, "Eugene Mohr" for Eugene Moore, for example.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1916: Willing Wendy to Willie (Falstaff 4-29-1916)

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