Volume III: Biographies


ELLERY, Arthur **

Actor, director (1912-1916)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Arthur Ellery worked with Thanhouser circa 1912-1916.

Biographical Notes: Arthur Ellery was born in 1870. He followed an early career on the stage. Later, he was in films with Lubin, after which he acted in Thanhouser films during the 1912-1916 period. In 1914 and 1915 he directed many Princess and Falstaff films for Thanhouser.

The New Rochelle Pioneer, December 26, 1914, carried this notice: "Arthur Ellery, after a vacation of a month, has returned to resume the direction of the Princess playlets. He began Monday." The Princess films listed below in the Thanhouser Filmography: are ones for which his direction has been verified with contemporary sources. Undoubtedly, he directed others as well.

The New Rochelle Pioneer, June 3, 1916, stated that he was among nearly two dozen Thanhouser players, directors, and cameramen who were dismissed by the studio on Saturday morning, May 27, 1916, at a time when the outlook for the Thanhouser Film Corporation was uncertain. His wife, who was known as Marie Rainford in addition to her married name, was an actress with Thanhouser. Arthur Ellery died on August 27, 1945 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Thanhouser Filmography:

1914: The Golden Cross (2-24-1914), The Desert Tribesman (3-3-1914), Kathleen, the Irish Rose (3-10-1914), A Rural Romance (6-4-1914), The Belle of the School (Princess 8-21-1914), The Keeper of the Light (Princess 8-28-1914), Her Winning Way (Princess 9-4-1914), The Master Hand (Princess 9-18-1914), The Final Test (Princess 9-25-1914), The Harvest of Regrets (9-27-1914), The Balance of Power (Princess 10-2-1914), The One Who Cared (Princess 10-9-1914), The Touch of a Little Hand (Princess 10-16-1914), The Face at the Window (Princess 10-23-1914), The Dead Line (Princess 10-30-1914), When Vice Shuddered (Princess 11-6-1914), Seeds of Jealousy (Princess 11-13-1914)

1915: And He Never Knew (3-5-1915), The Actor and the Rube (4-16-1915), Big Brother Bill (4-18-1915), The Handicap of Beauty (Falstaff 4-23-1915), Movie Fans (Falstaff 5-7-1915), A Scientific Mother (Falstaff 5-7-1915), Ferdie Fink's Flirtations (Falstaff 5-14-1915), The House That Jack Moved (Falstaff 5-21-1915), It's an Ill Wind (Falstaff 5-28-1915), His Guardian Auto (6-11-1915), Ebenezer Explains (Falstaff 6-18-1915), Little Herman (Falstaff 6-18-1915), The Stolen Anthurium (Falstaff 6-25-1915), The Silent Co-Ed (Falstaff 7-2-1915), Mme. Blanche, Beauty Doctor (Falstaff 7-9-1915), Dot on the Day Line Boat (Falstaff 7-16-1915), P. Henry Jenkins and Mars (Falstaff 7-23-1915), Getting the Gardener's Goat (Falstaff 7-30-1915), A Plugged Nickel (Falstaff 8-6-1915), Gussie, the Graceful Life Guard (Falstaff 8-13-1915)

1916: Reforming Rubbering Rosie (Falstaff 1-13-1916), Pansy Post, Protean Player (Falstaff 3-21-1916)

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