Volume III: Biographies


ROSEMOND, Anna ***

Actress (1909-1911)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Anna Rosemond was one of two leading ladies with Thanhouser in 1909 and 1910.

Biographical Notes: Anna Rosemond was one of two leading ladies (Violet Heming was the other) during the early period of Thanhouser films. Miss Rosemond joined the Thanhouser Company in autumn 1909 and remained there through much of 1910. It is believed that she left by late 1910, returning briefly in 1911. In 1913 The Moving Picture Story Magazine reported that she was still with Thanhouser, but if this is true, she was not mentioned in studio publicity.

Note: Her given name was sometimes misspelled as "Anne" in publicity, and her surname as "Rosemunde" or Rosemund."

Thanhouser Filmography:

1910: St. Elmo (3-22-1910), She's Done It Again (3-29-1910), She Wanted to Marry a Hero (4-29-1910), The Best Man Wins (5-13-1910), Cupid at the Circus (5-20-1910), The Winter's Tale (5-27-1910), The Girl of the Northern Woods (6-3-1910), The Two Roses (6-7-1910), Thelma (6-21-1910), The Girls of the Ghetto (7-9-1910), Uncle Tom's Cabin (7-26-1910), Lena Rivers (8-12-1910), She Stoops to Conquer (8-19-1910), Mother 9-6-1910), Dots and Dashes (9-30-1910), Pocahontas (10-11-1910), The Vicar of Wakefield (12-27-1910)

1911: Cinderella (12-22-1911)

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