Volume II: Filmography





March 7, 1915 (Sunday)

Length: 1 reel (798 feet)

Character: Comedy

Cast: Marceline (clown), Joe Cooper

Notes: 1. Marceline, a clown from the New York Hippodrome, was featured in this film. Refer to his biographical listing for additional information. 2. In some listings, The was omitted from the title and Mishap was singular. 3. In an article in Reel Life, January 23, 1915, Marceline was misspelled as "Marsilene." 4. Thanhouser claimed that this film marked Marceline's debut on the screen. However, a 1907 film produced by Winthrop featured the same clown and was titled Marceline, the World-Renown Clown of the N.Y. Hippodrome.


ADVERTISEMENT, Reel Life, February 27, 1915:

"In which the world's most famous clown - laughed at by thousands at the New York Hippodrome - appears for the first time in motion pictures, bringing with him the side-splitting antics that have made him famous as the world's greatest fun-maker. Exhibitors: Book this rip-roaring comedy in which the great Marceline is at his funniest best."


ARTICLE, Reel Life, January 23, 1915:

"Helen Badgley, the Thanhouser Kidlet, and Leland Benham, who is seven, have been enjoying themselves for a fortnight past. Marsilene [sic], the famous clown from the Hippodrome, has been out with the studio forces at New Rochelle putting on Marsilene, the Window Cleaner. Helen and Leland daily visit the comedian in his dressing room and ply him with questions about clown life. Leland thinks now that he would like to become a professional clown, and when he isn't working in pictures, he struts around the studio with a clown make-up on. The make-up is all his own - and it certainly is funny! Little Miss Badgley told Leland that he didn't have to put on any make-up, however, to be a clown - and this made her leading man a trifle sore. The other day the two of them were on the stage between 'takes,' playing handball. Leland thought he would like to show the lady how to pitch a few curves. So he called, 'Hey, Helen, I'll bet you can't handle a ball like this!' And away went the ball, whizzing right past her diminutive nose. She was very angry, and stamped her little foot on the floor. 'Leland Benham!' she cried, 'you be careful! Maybe I can't do that - but I can act. You should worry if your goldfish tarnish!' she added with consummate scorn. And she's got Leland thinking over that yet."


SYNOPSIS, Reel Life, February 27, 1915:

"Marceline is a professional window washer. He goes from store to store with his mop and pail. First he gets a job cleaning a jeweler's plate glass front, where he works havoc among the priceless valuables on display. Next he applies at a grocery, where he deluges the goods with soapy water. At last he winds up in a saloon and is set to washing the mirrors in the back bar. His ladder slips, and a hundred dollars' worth of glass goes crashing to its ruin. Marceline is arrested and arraigned in court, where he has many other laughable adventures. No more popular comedian than the famous clown of the New York Hippodrome is to be seen on the screen. His appearance with Thanhouser marks his debut in motion pictures."

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