Volume II: Filmography




October 12, 1915 (Tuesday)

Length: This section 355 feet (split at the end of the second reel of The Scoop at Bellville)

Character: Cartoon comedy

Notes: 1. A title word appeared as "phoney" in several listings, including in a schedule in The Moving Picture World, October 9, 1915. One wonders what relation, if any, the "phony farm" title has to "funny farm," the slang term for a mental institution. 2. This film represents a very rare instance of an animated cartoon being released by Thanhouser. Also see Little Herman, released June 18, 1915 under the Falstaff brand. 3. In the British trade publication, The Bioscope, the title of this film was listed as Down on the Chory Farm, "chory" possibly being a misspelling of "phony."


REVIEW, The Moving Picture World, October 16, 1915:

"An excellent animated cartoon on the last reel of the above, showing what happened when a farmer took undue advantage of the thirst of his cow."

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