Volume II: Filmography




August 9, 1914 (Sunday)

Length: 1 reel (1,003 feet)

Character: Drama

Scenario: Philip Lonergan

Cast: Morris Foster (Pietro Lapori), Mayre Hall (Maria Deguida, his sweetheart), J.S. Murray (her father), Mrs. Doris Farrington (her mother), Mitchell Lewis, William Noel, Alfred Hollingsworth, Jack Sullivan, John Lehnberg, Dave Keleher

Note: This film was described as "a clever drama of Italian life" in Thanhouser advertisements, and as a comedy in various printed schedules.


SYNOPSIS, Reel Life, August 1, 1914:

"Pietro Lapori, a young barber, loves Maria Deguida, the daughter of a prosperous merchant. He is in despair, however, as his sweetheart's father refuses his consent to their marriage until Pietro shall have five hundred dollars in cash. One day a detective shows him a circular offering a big reward for the capture of a noted crook. In the picture on the circular a scar disfigures the criminal's face. A few days later the barber shaves a man who bears the counterpart of the scar, until now concealed by the beard. He shadows his customer, but is discovered. With great difficulty he succeeds in overpowering the crook, and is rescued just in time by the police. Pietro receives the reward and marries the girl."


REVIEW, The Bioscope, December 3, 1914:

"A splendid little 'dramatic incident,' showing how a young barber catches a criminal for whom a large reward has been offered, nearly getting killed for his pains through his bungling efforts as a private detective. He wins the reward, however, and is thus enabled to marry the girl to whom he is engaged. The plot contains nothing that is new, but the film is refreshingly original in that it is all so perfectly natural. Owing to clever acting and 'production,' there are some exceedingly exciting situations in the picture, including a truly thrilling fight. An unambitious subject, handled just about as well as it possibly could be."


REVIEW, The Morning Telegraph, August 9, 1914:

"Maria's father announces that if Pietro expects to marry his daughter he must have at least $500 in cash. A detective shows the young barber a picture of a criminal for whom a large reward is offered. The man is disfigured by a scar on his face. The next day in shaving a customer Pietro sees the same scar, ill-hidden beneath a heavy beard. He overpowers the crook and gets the reward."


REVIEW, The Moving Picture World, August 15, 1914:

"A first-class offering with a thrilling hand-to-hand struggle at the close. Pietro, the barber, recognizes his customer as a badly-wanted individual, follows him to his den and attacks him single-handed. The struggle scene arouses considerable suspense and is well staged."

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