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Dog (1914)

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Flora, a dog, appeared in A Dog of Flanders, a 1914 Thanhouser film.

Biographical Notes: The following appeared in The Baltimore American, June 28, 1914: "Flora, the humblest of the Thanhouser players, recently became the proud mother of 11 puppies. Flora is a Great Dane and was bought by C.J. Hite, president of the Thanhouser Company, from an animal trainer. When purchased she was in a pitiable state of fear, having just been used in an act with a tiger and a bear in which in a moment of frenzy the tiger had bitten off the end of her tail. Mr. Hite turned Flora over to the tender mercies of James Cruze, and soon she had forgotten her misery and developed into a valuable member of the company. She it is who does such good work in The Dog of Flanders, in which Marguerite Snow is featured. Though Flora is apparently proud of her histrionic success, her pride in that was nothing as compared to that which possesses her since she has acquired a family."

Thanhouser Filmography:

1914: A Dog of Flanders (5-19-1914)

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