Volume II: Filmography


$1,000 REWARD


February 26, 1915 (Friday)

Length: 1 reel (990 feet)

Character: "Underworld drama"

Director: John Harvey

Scenario: John William Kellette

Cast: Madeline and Marion Fairbanks (Madeline and Marion Goddard, the latter crippled), Mrs. Fairbanks (Mrs. Goddard, their mother), Henry Leon (Mr. Gordon), Fannie Hoyt (Mrs. Gordon), Minnie Berlin (May Gordon), Ernest C. Warde (Red Hogan), J.S. Murray (Whitey), Carey L. Hastings, Samuel Niblack

Notes: 1. Henry Leon's name appears as "Mr. Leonie" in Reel Life, February 20, 1915. 2. In print, the title appeared with and without the comma: $1,000 and $1000.


ADVERTISEMENT, Reel Life, February 20, 1915:

"How a clever girl captures a desperate burglar and his pal and rescues her widowed mother and crippled sister from want. Madeline and Marion Fairbanks, the 'Thanhouser Twins,' Mrs. Frank Farrington, Minnie Berlin and other popular Thanhouser favorites are included in the cast."

Note: The preceding differs from the synopsis in that the synopsis states that the crippled girl, Marion, effects the capture of the burglar.


ADVERTISEMENT, The Moving Picture World, February 27, 1915:

"This fascinating production depicts the chain of thrilling events by which a brave girl 'newsie' saves the home of her wealthy benefactress from robbery by one of her old underworld enemies, and gains comfortable independence for herself and her family."


SYNOPSIS, Reel Life, February 20, 1915:

"Madeline's mother is a widow, and her twin sister, Marion, is crippled. Mrs. Goddard takes in sewing, and Madeline sells newspapers. The daughter of a wealthy man becomes interested in the little newsgirl, and on further acquaintance, May Gordon persuades her father to pay for an operation on Marion Goddard's hip. They take Marion home to their beautiful house to recuperate. Meanwhile, Red Hogan, wanted for burglary, breaks into the Gordon mansion with Whitey, his pal. Marion blocks his operations and effects his arrest. Mr. Gordon has offered $1,000 for Hogan's capture and this he now insists upon awarding to Marion. But she will not take the money. Mr. Gordon retaliates by making Mrs. Goddard and both Madeline and Marion members of his own household."


REVIEW, The Morning Telegraph, February 21, 1915:

"The rich Mr. Gordon becomes interested in the little news girl, Madeline. He has an operation performed on her crippled sister Marion. Marion effects the capture of a burglar who enters the Gordons' house and she gets the $1,000 reward offered by Mr. Gordon."


REVIEW, The Moving Picture World, March 6, 1915:

"A fairly strong offering, introducing the Fairbanks twins. One of the girls is lame and taken to the home of some wealthy people to recover from an operation. While there she saves the house from being robbed by holding up the porch climbers. This does not develop a great deal of feeling, but is quite pleasing."

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