Volume I: Narrative History


Chapter 7 x.

1914: Into the Serial Game, Tragedy


The Year Begins

Phony News Releases

A Memorable Anniversary

Thanhouser Park

Charles Hite's Observations

The Regular Release Schedule

Problems in New Rochelle

In the Briny Deep

Thanhouser on the Spot

The Trust Flexes Its Muscles

Other February Releases

August Releases

March Releases

The Regular Schedule Continues

Vice and Sex


Into the Serial Game

Edwin Thanhouser Returns to America

Muriel's Birthday

Business on Broadway

A Theatre on Broadway

Meanwhile at the Studio

An Outlaw Comes to Town

A Regatta on Film

New Rochelle vs. Broadway

The Cripple and Other Releases

The Release Schedule Continues

Autumn Activities

How Carroll Fleming Did It

Edwin Thanhouser's Plans

Other June Releases

Great Expectations

Debut of the Serial

Zudora Begins

A Behind the Scenes Account

Zudora in Trouble

Ramsaye's Story

Financial Shenanigans

Filming Episode No. 1

December Films

Episode No. 1 on the Screen


Promoting the Serial

Thanhouser Publicity

Mutual Affairs

Muriel and Boyd

The Serial Continues



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