Volume I: Narrative History


Chapter 8 x.

1915: Edwin Thanhouser Returns, New Ventures


Thanhouser and the Industry

The Wreck of the Henrietta

Thanhouser Serials

War on Glen Island

The Mystery Concluded

Social Responsibility

January Releases

The Flying Twins

Thanhouserites Make Plans

A Flood in Pennsylvania

The Thanhouser Players Theatre

Mutual News

The Neptune Theatre

Thanhouser News

February Films

A $5,000 Bet

Edwin Thanhouser

Changing Faces at the Studio

March Releases

September Films

Edwin Thanhouser Takes Charge

A View of the Studio

More Changes

Edwin Thanhouser on Film Quality

Mutual Masterpictures

Florida Plans

Corporate Changes

Industry News

A Serious Accident

October Films

Films From the Backlog

On to Florida

Falstaff Films

The Seven-Day Poison

A Day With Edwin Thanhouser

Nudity on the Screen

Mutual Recognizes Edwin Thanhouser

A Danish Beauty

Phony News Articles


At the New Rochelle Studio

December Releases

Their One Love

The Year in Review

More Changes



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