Volume I: Narrative History


Chapter 9 x.

1916: Return to Florida, Pathé Alliance


The Jacksonville Studio

Goodbye to Jacksonville

A Tour of the Studio

Mutual Day

New Rochelleans Head Sunward

Trouble in Paradise

Thanhouser Tidbits

The June Schedule

Edwin Thanhouser Meets the President


The 1916 Schedule Begins

The End of an Era

Florence LaBadie

The Alliance with Pathé

Jacksonville in the Spotlight

The Pathé Exchange, Inc.

February Films

The First Pathé Releases

Jacksonville News

Florence LaBadie Scores a Success

Other Thanhouser and Industry Events

October News

What Doris Did

October Releases

What Might Have Been

November Notes

More About Jacksonville

Hidden Valley


December Events

Thanhouser Classics

December Films

Melodrama in Florida

The Year in Review


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