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Chronological Index to Thanhouser Films Online and DVD
The 59 Thanhouser films are organized below in chronological order of release to the US market and are available or viewing online. Each film is accompanied with new and original music composed and performed exclusively for this collection plus film notes by Victor Graf with a historical perspective on the Thanhouser film enterprise. Click on a film title to watch the film and read Victor's insightful notes. (Click here to see an Alphabetical listing of films and DVDs.)

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Film Release Date Description
Actor's Children, The 3/15/1910 The first Thanhouser release about the disappearance of an actor's children, their thrilling adventure and how they return to their parents.
Daddy's Double 4/15/1910 A deft comedy about a foiled elopement and assumed identity shows the importance of a carefully worked out scenario for narrative flow.
Winter's Tale, The 5/27/1910 The first of six Shakespeare films released by Thanhouser, scenario by Lloyd F. Lonergan and Gertrude Thanhouser.
Oh, What a Knight! 10/22/1910 A young girl dreams of rescue by a knight of old only to awake and learn knights of old are foreign to the modern age.
Young Lord Stanley 10/28/1910 A nobleman stoops to manual labor when his funds grow low and falls deeply in love with his employer's daughter.
Vicar of Wakefield, The (1910) 12/17/1910 One reel version of Oliver Goldsmith's classic 1766 novel.
The Two Roses 6/7/1910 Thanhouser's 16th release and was advertised as "A powerful, pathetic, pretty story of life in Little Italy."
Not Guilty 9/20/1910 A man wrongfully convicted escapes, evades capture, and is vindicated.
The Only Girl in Camp 1/10/1911 Thieves use trickery to part citizens of the town from their money, but the "Only Girl in Camp" figures out the ruse and saves the day with her father's bear traps!
A Circus Stowaway 6/2/1911 An orphan boy sneaks into a Barnum & Bailey circus and falls asleep. He overhears a plot by the ringmaster to steal money from his protector, and saves the day.
David Copperfield 10/1911 Based on Charles Dickens’s 1850 immortal story of an English lad's tribulation-filled journey to adulthood
Pasha's Daughter, The 1/3/1911 A young American man in trouble is assisted by the daughter of the pasha to escape in woman's clothes from Turkey.
Only in the Way 1/31/1911 Family disharmony with a happy ending, featuring Marie Eline "The Thanhouser Kid".
Get Rich Quick 5/26/1911 A moral tale about material wealth, with William Garwood, William Russell and Marguerite Snow.
Silas Marner


Frank H. Crane and Marie Eline star in this one-reel rendition of George Eliot's (nom de plume of Mary Ann Evans) story of the same name.
An Elevator Romance 4/28/1911 A one-reel portrayal of the thrilling adventures, sharp trials and real perils encountered in an office building aflame.
Coffin Ship, The 6/20/1911 Love story filmed in Long Island Sound with a stowaway and a shipwreck, featuring William Garwood. German intertitles
Cinderella 12/22/1911 Elaborately produced version of the well known George O. Nichols fairy tale, with Florence LaBadie and Harry Benham.
She 12/26/1911 Thanhouser's first two reel film, an adventure/fantasy, with James Cruze in dual role of the hero.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1/16/1912 James Cruze featured as Jekyll/Hyde in this second U.S. film version of the classic novel by Robert Lewis Stevenson.
His Great Uncle's Spirit 3/8/1912 Full of amazing trick situations that will leave you dazed and delighted!
Nicholas Nickleby 3/19/1912 With Nicholas Nickleby release, Thanhouser established itself as producer of the best Dickens adaptations in American film. Filmed in New Rochelle and Florida
Cry of the Children, The 4/30/1912 Critical pre-World War I film on child labor reform, photographed by Carl Louis Gregory.
Portrait of Lady Anne, The 7/23/1912 In 1770, the beautiful Lady Anne in a jealous fit throws over her lover who goes away to the war and is killed. Fast forward to 1912 where a descendant of Lady Anne is entertaining and much the same happens.
When a Count Counted 8/25/1912 A young stenographer on vacation visits a fashionable seaside resort only to be rejected by her new "friends." Her office worker comes to save the day.
Voice of Conscience, The 9/3/1912 Two girls fall in love with the same man. Out motoring one day they are thrown from the machine and carried to the hospital. One of the girls poisons the other. The story swings into a very pleasant finish.
In a Garden 10/25/1912 The gardener tells the story he has seen unfolded within the precincts of a beautiful spot - the beginning of affection between two, the quarrel, and the reconciliation years afterward.
Little Girl Next Door, The 11/1/1912 Tragic drama with a moral lesson, features the "Thanhouser Twins" Marion and Madeline Fairbanks.
Petticoat Camp 11/3/1912 Early "women's lib" with a comedy twist, with Florence LaBadie, William Russell and William Garwood.
Star of Bethlehem, The 12/24/1912 One reel British version edited from original three reel release
Notes: 1. This is believed to have been the last Thanhouser film distributed by the Film Supply Company of America. There was a break in the ranks, and the companies affiliated with Mutual, including Thanhouser, left Film Supply.
Evidence of the Film, The 1/10/1913 Discovered in 1999 on the floor of a Montana projection booth, this is a good crime tale with film making as a subject. Selected to the National Film Registry by Librarian of Congress.
Tiniest of Stars, The 1/14/1913 Family drama of a a brother ("The Kid" Marie Eline) and sister ("The Kidlet" Helen Badgley) who take to the stage.
Her Nephews from Labrador 1/26/1913 The young men from Labrador can't keep cool in the middle of a severe winter. They skate on the ice, attired simply in bathing suits, and plunge repeatedly into the icy water. Split with Los Angeles the Beautiful at the end.
His Uncle's Wives 2/2/1913 An artist unexpectedly inherits six wives who come to him from his uncle in Constantinople. His wife makes serious objections, and he finally packs them off to join a theatrical troupe, and happiness is restored. Split with Seven Ages of an Alligator
Seven Ages of an Alligator 2/2/1913 Shows the alligator in several stages of growth, from babyhood to a ripe old age; a film taken at an alligator farm in Southern California. Split with His Uncles Wives
When the Studio Burned 2/4/1913 Fictional drama exploiting the fire that actually struck the Thanhouser studio on January 13, 1913 and burned the main facility to the ground.
Just a Shabby Doll 3/11/1913 A romantic story utilizing flashback sequences, featuring Harry Benham, Mignon Anderson and Helen Badgley. Location: New York City, including Washington Square.
Cymbeline 3/28/1913 Energetic cinematic pacing and intimacy show rapidly improving narrative technique and realism well beyond the limitations of the stage.
The Spoiled Darling's Doll 4/4/13 The Darling and the Doll are exceptionally clever and interesting in this film about a spoiled, naughty child and her doll who comes to life in her dreams.
An American in the Making 4/22/1913 An industrial safety film that opens with the immigration of Bela Tokaji, a Hungarian worker, to the United States, and closes with his marriage to his English teacher.
Marble Heart 5/13/1913 A story of unrequited love, with three popular Thanhouser stars James Cruze, Margurite Snow and Florence LaBadie.
King Rene's Daughter 7/1/1913 A very romantic fiction  set in renaissance France with florid, rich costuming.
Little Brother 11/7/13 May's "Little Brother" outs his crab catch to good use and reunites May and Jack.
Tannhäuser 7/15/1913 The story, set in medieval Germany, tells of chivalry, mythology and magic (with skillful in-camera tricks), love’s redemption, and tragedy.
The Farmer's Daughters 9/28/1913 The daughters of the farmer do some very good character work fooling young college graduates who are bent on matrimony. Incidental glimpses of American farm life considerably enhance the value of the film.
Uncle's Namesakes 12/12/1913 Comedy about twin "boys"  who deceive their rich English uncle, with Marion and Madeline Fairbanks ("The Twins").
Elusive Diamond, An 1/23/1914 A one-reel crime drama with crooks, ruses, kidnapping, escape, and a twist, all wrapped in a coherent narrative.
Joseph in the Land of Egypt 2/1/1914 Four reel “Thanhouser Big Production” features James Cruze and scenario by Lloyd F. Lonergan from Liebler's stage drama, Joseph and His Brethren, in turn taken from a biblical story.
In de Tropische Zee 6/1/1914 Carl Louis Gregory, Thanhouser's senior cameraman, employed the Williamson Submarine Tube, an air-filled iron tube. Location: Nassau Harbor, Nassau, Bahama Islands 
Decoy, The (Princess) 7/3/1914 Complex story of romance and crime, with Murial Ostriche and Morgan Jones (a Princess Film).
The Tell-Tale Scar 8/9/14 Pietro discovers the crook with the "tell-tale scar," locates his hideout, fights the crooks until the police arrive winning a $500 reward to win the hand of Maria.
Dog's Love, A 10/4/1914 Fantasy about the love between a child (Helen Badgley "The Kidlet") and her dog ("Shep" The Thanhouser Collie).
Shep's Race with Death 11/1/1914 Heroic dog "Shep" saves the day, also featuring the "Thanhouser Twins" Marion and Madeline Fairbanks..
Zudora, Episode #2 11/30/1914 A story teeming with love and the fiery romantic impulsiveness of the East is told in the two-reel drama, the second episode in Thanhouser's production of Dr. Daniel Carson Goodman's serial photoplay.
Center of the Web, The 12/1/1914 Who Let the Dogs Out? Thirty German police dogs are the heroes of this crime drama centered on the round up of a gang of counterfeiters
Their One Love 5/2/1915 Civil War drama with spectacular night battle sequences, featuring "The Twins" Marion and Madeline Fairbanks. The first Thanhouser release after Edwin and Gertrude return.
Crossed Wires 6/29/1915 Popular suspense drama in two reels with innovative camera technique, with Florence LaBadie and Morris Foster.
Madam Blanche, Beauty Doctor (Falstaff) 7/9/1915 Light gender-bender comedy with satirical social observation, features Riley Chamberlin and Harry Benham (Falstaff release).
Old Jane of the Gaiety 7/18/1915 Old Jane, the wardrobe woman, is an institution at the Gaiety Theatre. She keeps a watchful eye on the younger girls, especially little Nina Fagnant, a serious child with genuine ability. 
The Picture of Dorian Gray 7/20/1915 Based on Oscar Wilde's novel, this two-reeler tells the story of Dorian Gray's hedonistic worldview that beauty and sensual fulfillment are the only things worth pursuing in life, with commentary track by Judith Buchanan and James Williams.
The Marvelous Marathoner (Falstaff) 8/16/1915 An energetic and vivacious Falstaff comedy with good pacing combining physical comedy (without slapstick) with situation comedy.
The Vagabonds 8/29/1915 A series of flashbacks where a penniless, friendless tramp and his dog relates the story of his downfall due to drink.
Soap Suds Star, The (Falstaff) 10/28/1915 Comedy about a down-and-out vaudeville team who attempt Shakespeare and destroy their career (Falstaff release).
The Mistake of Mammy Lou 11/7/1915 The old colored mammy misconstrues her lovelorn mistress' actions to be suicide. She inadvertently saves the day when a robber enters the scene
In the Hands of the Enemy 11/16/1915 A story of a woman spy, her son and a firing squad draws its analogies from the world war; full of intense situations and graphic action. 
Clarence Cheats at Croquet 12/9/1915 In this "Falstaff" comedy, two rivals face off at croquet. One wins out because of his honesty and Clarence gets it wrong because he cheats.
Silas Marner 2/19/1916 Mutual Masterpicture, DeLuxe Edition No. 70. Frederick Warde in his Thanhouser motion picture debut in the leading role as the bent and twisted miser whose life of selfishness is changed by the influence of a child. 
World and the Woman, The 11/19/1916 Relesed by Pathé, Gold Rooster Play. Jeanne Eagel's film debut tells the story of a prostitute turned faith healer in this five reel feature.
King Lear 12/17/1916 Pathé Gold Rooster Play. Frederick Warde, one of the best known stage actors of his generation, stars in this 2 1/2 reel abridged version cut down from the original five. 
A Modern Monte Cristo 2/4/1917

Derived from the 1844 novel by French author Alexandre Dumas, this five reel feature adaptation tells the classic story of betrayal and revenge.

Vicar of Wakefield, The (1917) 2/25/1917 Pathé Special release. Elaborate remake starring Frederick Warde in eight reels.
Fires of Youth 6/17/1917 Pathé Gold Rooster Play. Wealthy industrialist (Frederick Warde) seeks to regain his youth (Jeanne Eagles) in this cut down two-reel version.
Woman in White, The 7/1/1917 Pathé Gold Rooster Play. Five reel feature film based on Wilkie Collins novel with special lighting effects, a technical tour de force as well as dramatically effective.

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