The Thanhouser Collection DVD Volumes 13, 14 & 15

Announced in October 2020 at the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, this three disc DVD collection contains
19 new high-quality transfers of Thanhouser films not seen by the public in over 100 years.
Produced in cooperation with international archives and private collectors, this release
brings the total number of Thanhouser films available to the public to 96 titles.
All 19 films are available on three DVDs for purchase for $19.95 or streaming
individual films online at for $1.99 per film
New and original music is composed and performed exclusively for this collection
by Ben Model, Stephen Horne, and Nathan Avakian. 
Included with the collection is a 12-page booklet with film notes, synopses, and cast listings for all films. 

Volume 13
1911 to 1912

Volume 14
1912 to 1914

Volume 15
1915 to 1916

The Pillars of Society
A Doll's House
The Austin Flood
Cupid the Conqueror
The Star of the Side Show
The Girl of the Grove
The Thunderbolt

Cross Your Heart

The Idol of the Hour

The Girl of the Cabaret

Jack and the Beanstalk

Coals of Fire

Their Best Friend

The Mother of Her Dreams

The Twins of the GL Ranch

John T. Rocks and the Flivver

Toodles, Tom and Trouble


An American in the Making

1 Hour, 36 Minutes 1 Hour, 37 Minutes 1 Hour, 20 Minutes
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 Download film notes for Volumes 13-14-15
 (Booklet 13-14-15.pdf  98 MB )

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