Volume II: Filmography



Waiting at the Church (March 21, 1911)

Waiting for Hubby (August 17, 1913)

War and the Woman (working title: My Country) (September 9, 1917)

War Game, The (a.k.a. The Capture of New York) (September 1, 1912)

War Time Wooing, A (May 30, 1911)

Ward of the King, The (August 26, 1913)

Warner's Waxworks (August 18, 1912)

Warning, The (October 4, 1912)

Was She Right in Forgiving Him? (a.k.a. Was She Right to Forgive?; a.k.a. Should She Forgive Him?) (May 26, 1914)

Was She Right to Forgive? (a.k.a. Was She Right in Forgiving Him?; a.k.a. Should She Forgive Him?) (May 26, 1914)

Washington in Danger (February 20, 1912)

Water Cure, The (November 2, 1913)

Water Devil, The (working title for Her Father's Gold) (May 11, 1916)

Waterloo of the Conspirators, The (a.k.a. A Night of Adventures) (Episode 22 of The Million Dollar Mystery) (November 16, 1914)

WILD BIRDS AT HOME (British release date: May 29, 1916; apparently not released by Thanhouser in the United States)

(Wild West Comes to Town, The) (Majestic) (August 5, 1913)

Wax Lady, The (March 30, 1913)

Way to a Man's Heart, The (March 2, 1913)

Weakling, The (May 2, 1916)

Weary Walker's Woes (Falstaff) (September 10, 1915)

Weighed in the Balance (April 21, 1911)

Weighed in the Balance (August 13, 1915)

WENDY'S WEDDING (British release title for Willing Wendy to Willie) (Falstaff) (released in the United States on April 29, 1916)

Westerner and the Earl, The (February 7, 1911)

What Doris Did (March 1, 1916)

What Might Have Been (December 5, 1913)

When a Count Counted (August 25, 1912)

When a Man Fears (July 11, 1911)

When Algy Froze Up (working title: An Old Fashioned Winter) (April 24, 1914)

When Baby Slept (British release title for While Baby Slept) (released in the United States June 10, 1913)

When Darkness Came (July 22, 1913)

When Dreams Come True (February 28, 1913)

When East Goes West (British release title for When East Meets West; released in the United States on December 13, 1914)

When East Meets West (British release title: When East Goes West) (December 13, 1914)

When Fate Rebelled (Princess) (January 1, 1915)

When Ghost Meets Ghost (April 6, 1913)

When Hungry Hamlet Fled (August 17, 1915)

When Love Was Blind (January 24, 1911)

When Love Was Blind (working titles: The Eyes of Eleanor; The Lonely Heart) (April 15, 1917)

When Mandy Came to Town (April 26, 1912)

When Mercy Tempers Justice (October 15, 1912)

When Paths Diverged (a.k.a. Where Paths Diverge; a.k.a. Where Paths Diverged) (Princess) (February 6, 1914)

When She Played Broadway (British release title: The Manager's Mistake) (May 9, 1916)

When Sorrow Fades (March 29, 1914)

WHEN THE CAT CAME (British release title for When the Cat Came Back) (Princess) (released in the United States January 16, 1914)

When the Cat Came Back (British release title: When the Cat Came) (Princess) (January 16, 1914)

When the Fleet Sailed (August 3, 1915)

When the Studio Burned (working title: A Thanhouser Heroine) (February 4, 1913)

When the Wheels of Justice Clogged (May 31, 1914)

When the Worm Turned (September 21, 1913)

When Vice Shuddered (Princess) (November 6, 1914)

When We Are Married (British release title of The Deadline) (Princess) (released in the United States on October 30, 1914)

When William's Whiskers Worked (Falstaff) (December 20, 1915)

Where Paths Diverge (a.k.a. When Paths Diverged; a.k.a. Where Paths Diverged) (Princess) (February 6, 1914)

Where Paths Diverged (a.k.a. When Paths Diverged; a.k.a. Where Paths Diverge) (Princess) (February 6, 1914)

Where Wives Win (Falstaff) (June 10, 1916)

Which Shall It Be? (June 22, 1915)

While Baby Slept (British release title: When Baby Slept) (June 10, 1913)

While Mrs. Mc Fadden Looked Out (February 7, 1913)

Whispered Word, The (March 15, 1916)

White Rose, The (Princess) (December 25, 1914)

Who Got Stung? (Princess) (February 19, 1915)

Whom God Hath Joined (May 31, 1912)

Why Babe Left Home (May 18, 1913)

Why Reginald Reformed (February 1, 1914)

WHY FOUR SIGNED THE PLEDGE (British release title, attribution uncertain, for Why Tom Signed the Pledge) (released in the United States on June 14, 1912)

Why Tom Signed the Pledge (British release title, attribution uncertain: Why Four Signed the Pledge) (June 14, 1912)

Widow's Mite, The (June 28, 1914)

Widow's Stratagem, The (May 2, 1913)

WILD BIRDS AT HOME (British release date: May 29, 1916; apparently not released by Thanhouser in the United States)

Wild Flower and the Rose, The (November 25, 1910)

Wild, Wooly West, The (Princess) (November 27, 1914)

Wiles of a Woman, The (Episode 8 of The Million Dollar Mystery) (August 10, 1914)

Will and a Way, A (December 3, 1912)

WILLIE AND THE WILD MAN (British release title for Willie, the Wild Man) (released in the United States July 27, 1913) (British release date: November 13, 1913)

Willie, the Wild Man (British release title: Willie and the Wild Man) (July 27, 1913)

Willing Wendy to Willie (Falstaff) (British release title: Wendy's Wedding) (April 29, 1916)

Window of Dreams, The (June 15, 1916)

Winner Wins, The (working title for The Speed King) (January 12, 1915)

Winter's Tale, The (May 27, 1910)

With the Mounted Police (December 31, 1912)

Woman and the Beast, The (working titles: Through the Open Door; Through the Unbarred Door; The Man She Made) (Graphic Features) (April 17, 1917)

Woman Hater, The (working title: Taming the Woman Hater) (June 14, 1910)

Woman in Politics, The (working title: The Politician) (January 13, 1916)

Woman in White, The (October 20, 1912)

Woman in White, The (working title: The Heiress; reissue title, tentative, used in the 1920s: The Unfortunate Marriage) (July 1, 1917)

Woman Pays, The (January 27, 1914)

Woman, Saint and Devil (working title for Saint, Devil and Woman) (September 25, 1916)

Woman Who Did Not Care, The (April 1, 1913)

Woman's Loyalty, A (May 5, 1914)

Won at the Rodeo (March 21, 1913)

Won by Wireless (July 14, 1911)

World and the Woman, The (November 19, 1916)

Wrecked Taxi, The (August 16, 1912)

Writing on the Wall, The (June 10, 1910)


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