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Poster images are available for purchase for $24.95 plus shipping and handling fees of $4.95 for domestic and $9.95 international. Poster images are printed on high quality 13" x 19" satin paper. Full size poster images (e.g. 1 sheet 27" x 41" and 3 sheet  41" x 81") are available by special arrangement. To order a poster, please contact us on Facebook. Click on the thumbnail to view poster image:

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Ten Nights in a Bar Room (1910) The Childhood of Jack Harkaway (1910) The Vicar of Wakefield (1910)

The Pahsha's Daughter (1911)

The Old Curiosity Shop (1911)

Only in the Way (1911)

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When A Man Fears (1911)
Velvet and Rags (1912) The Little Girl Next Door (1912) Un Complot a la Fte de Christophe Colomb (1912)

The Star of Bethlehem (1912)

The Evidence of the Film (1913)
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The Marble Heart (1913)
King Rene's Daughter  (1913)

Little Dorrit (1913)

Thanhouser Players: Mignon Anderson 
(ca. 1913)
Thanhouser Players: James Cruze (ca. 1913)
Thanhouser Players: Maude Fealy (ca. 1913)
The Cat's Paw (1914, One Sheet)
The Cat's Paw (1914, Three Sheet)
The Cat's Paw (1914, Six Sheet)
The Mohammedan's Conspiracy (1914, One Sheet)
The Mohammedan's Conspiracy (1914, Three Sheet)
The Mohammedan's Conspiracy (1914, Six Sheet)
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Jack and the Beanstalk (1913) Rivalry (1914) The Barrier of Flames (1914) Mr. Meeson's Will (1915) The Baby and the Boss (1915) The Valkyrie (1915)

In the Hands of the Enemy (1915)
Dashing Druggest's Dilemma (1916) Willing Wendy to Willie (1916)      

* Be sure to visit Andrew Blake's "Maude Fealy Post Card Gallery" to see dozens of beautiful images of this famous Thanhouser star. 

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