Volume III: Biographies


WALTERS, Elizabeth

Studio employee (1911-1912)

TThe Joining Room "brigade" showing (left to right): Blanche Bugle, Rose Scott, Hattie McCroskery, Elizabeth Walters, Anna Eagan, Tillie Specht, Nora Riley, Nettie Stamp, and Irene Christie. Seated with the dog is

Mrs. Charles Van Houten. A version of this picture appeared in The Moving Picture News of January 20, 1912. Courtesy of the American Museum of the Moving Image/Lawrence Williams Collection. (M-2-X)


Thanhouser Career Synopsis: Elizabeth Walters was shown on a set from one of the David Copperfield films (Thanhouser, 1911) as a member of the "joining room brigade," in a photograph published in The Moving Picture News, January 20, 1912.

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