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Thanhouser Poster Gallery (36 posters)
    Six Posters from the C.H. New Collection at
             Wake-Forest University

    Zudora and the Twenty Million Dollar Mystery (1914)
    A Man of Iron (1915) 
    The Oval Diamond (1916)
    The Reunion (1916)

Glass Slides
    The Spirit Hand (1911)
    Mrs. Van Ruyter's Stratagem (1914)
    The Million Dollar Mystery (1914)
    The Twenty Million Dollar Mystery (1914-1915)
    Her Menacing Past (1915)
    Prudence and the Pirate (1916)
    In the Name of the Law (1916, British title)
    New: Her New York (1917)
    The Woman in White (1917)
    Her Life and His
    Mary Lawson's Secret (1917)
    The Candy Girl (1917)   

    New: Thanhouser Lantern Slides added to LUCERNA Database

Heralds & Brochures
Joseph in the Land of Egypt (1914, 12 Page Brochure)
    Million Dollar Mystery No. 3
Front - Back - Inside (1914)
    Thirty Leagues Under the Sea
Front Inside (1914)
    Inspiration Front - Back (1915)
    A Bird of Prey
Front - Back (1916)
    The Net
Front - Inside (1916)
    The Traffic Cop
Front - Inside (1916)
    Her New York
Front - Back (1917)
    When Love Was Blind Front - Back (1917)

Photoplay Arts Portfolio (ca. 1914-1915)
    Thanhouser Series

Postcard, Photos and Collectables
    Actors (16)
    Actresses (21)
    Kids and Dogs (5)
    Production Stills (6)
    Places (New Rochelle, Chicago)

Programme Booklet
    Thanhouser Films Ltd, 1917, London, England

Sheet Music
     Joseph in the Land of Egypt (1914)
     Zudora (Sheet Music, 1914)
     Zudora (Original Victor Recording, 1915)
     Prudence and the Pirate (1916)

Zudora (1914)
    Advertisement, Sheet Music, Pinback, Production Still


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