Volume III: Biographies



TAFT, William Howard (film subject; 1913)*

TAKA, Miss C. (actress; 1911)*

TAKA, Mr. (actor; 1915)*

TAKAGI, Taku (actress; 1912)*

TALBOT, Thea (actress; ?)*

TAMAMOTO, I. (actor; 1914)*

TANGUAY, Lucy (actress; 1911-1912)*

TAYLOR, Benjamin (studio employee; 1916)

TAYLOR, Charles (actor; 1916)*

TAYLOR, Irma (actress; 1910-1912)*

TAYLOR, Julia M. (actress; 1910-1911)**

TAYLOR, Pauline (actress; 1916)*

TAYLOR, Thomas (actor; 1915)*


THANHOUSER DOG, The (see Shep)

THANHOUSER, Edwin (executive; 1909-1913, 1915-1918) ***

THANHOUSER, Gertrude (Mrs. Edwin) (scenario writer, executive, actress; 1909-1912, 1915-1918) ***

THANHOUSER JUVENILE, The (see Grace Eline, the daughter of Mrs. Grace Eline)

THANHOUSER KID, The (see Marie Eline)

THANHOUSER KIDLET, The (see Helen Badgley)

THANHOUSER MONKEY, The (monkey; 1911-1912)*

THANHOUSER POODLE, The (dog; 1911-1913)*

THANHOUSER ZOO, The (menagerie; 1913-1914)*

THAYER, Fritz (actor; 1914)*

THAYER TWINS (actors; 1913-1914)*

THOMAS, Lewis (studio employee; 1912)

THOMAS, Walter (actor; 1912)*

THOMPSON, David H. (actor, studio manager, casting director, director; 1911-1915)*

THOMPSON, Jean (actress; 1913)*

THOMPSON, Madeline (actress; 1914)*

THOMPSON, Nicholas J. (actor; 1912)*

THOMPSON, Thomas (British co-manager; 1914-1915)

THORPE, Morgan (actor; 1915-1916)*

TIMER, Julius E. (representative; 1917)

TINEE, Mae (actress; 1914)*

TOOKER, William H. (actor; 1914)*

TRAVELLER, Maud (actress; 1916)*

TRINDER, Louise (actress; 1912)*

TROHN, Morris (cameo appearance; 1913)*

TRUEX, Ernest (actor; 1914)*

TURNER, Allen (actor; 1914)*

TURNER, Alice (actress; 1914)*

TURNER, Charles (actor; 1915-1916)*

TURNER, Fred (actor; 1914)*

TURNER, Joseph Alan (actor, technical director; 1914)*

TURNER, Mary (actress; 1915)*

TURNER TWINS, The (actors; 1914)*


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