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The Early Years
Volume II
Under the Mutual Banner
Volume III
Edwin Thanhouser Returns
Volume IV The Vicar of Wakefield (1910-1917) Volume V Kids and Dogs (1911-1915) Volume VI Thanhouser Stars Emerge (1911-1917)

Thanhouser Classics Video Collectors Set
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Vicar.jpg (44933 bytes)Volume IV
The Vicar of Wakefield
1910 & 1917

This volume contrasts two versions of Oliver Goldsmith’s 18th century novel. Released in 1910 on one reel and again in 1917 on eight reels. It is a good study on the evolution of technique, style and story development in early film.

This set features an original organ score composed and performed by musician Raymond A. Brubacher, and a booklet containing a brief history of Thanhouser and notes on each film by Victor Graf..

Volume IV includes films released under the Thanhouser and Pathé banners:

Price $24.95 (DVD)           Includes Volumes 5 & 6

Download film notes for Volumes IV, V and VI 
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